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Noninvasive Treatment for Receding Gums in New London, CT

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PST™ Benefits

When patients who suffer from periodontitis experience gum recession, scalpels and sutures are often required to restore the gum line. However, Dr. Gregory Toback now offers patients a new, minimally invasive treatment for receding gums in New London, CT. The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) offers several benefits:

• Minimally invasive
• Minimally painful
• Suture free
• Short recovery

The Pinhole Procedure

Pinhole Surgical Technique PST™ in New London, CT

What are the effects of gum recession?

Gum recession may seem harmless at first but once the symptoms become noticeable, you will often experience several cosmetic and functional problems. The first thing most patients notice is that their teeth look “longer” than usual. This is because the gum line has lowered and left a larger area of the tooth exposed.

Once the root becomes exposed, many patients notice an increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Eventually, you may experience decay along the exposed root surfaces, as these areas do not have the enamel to protect them as the crown portions of the teeth do. In severe cases, tooth loss may result, especially if severe periodontitis has occurred.

How does PST™ work?

PST™ is a type of gum recession treatment that does not require a scalpel or sutures to move tissue. If periodontitis is present, this condition will need to be treated before any recession can be repaired.

A single incision the size of a pinhole is made in the gum tissue. Then, a series of specialized instruments are inserted through this hole and used to gradually loosen tissue. Once the tissue is loosened, it can be pulled over to cover the exposed tooth root. Finally, special collagen strips are placed to hold the tissue in place while it heals.

What are the benefits?

PST™ offers several benefits to patients, including:

• Minimally invasive – PST™ is not a tissue graft and does not use scalpels or sutures.
• Minimally painful – There is no tissue removal involved so pain is kept to a minimum during and after the procedure.
Suture free – PST™ uses tiny collagen strips to hold tissue in place.
• Short recovery – Since there is no need for pain medication and only minimal discomfort, patients can return to their daily routines immediately.

PST™ offers an improved patient experience for the treatment of gum recession. Patients suffering from periodontitis or receding gums in New London, CT can contact Dr. Toback to schedule a consultation today!
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