Avoid Putting Off Your Periodontal Treatment - NEW LONDON, CT - WESTERLY, RI

Avoid Putting Off Your Periodontal Treatment

Many people become anxious or develop dental anxiety at the idea of visiting a dental professional, but those suffering from periodontal disease may require the assistance of a dental professional.  Dr. Gregory Toback takes every precaution to ensure that treatment is comfortable, with minimal pain. Our office specializes in advanced cases of periodontal disease in New London, CT. By utilizing the latest laser gum surgery technology, we are able to assist those who may be afflicted by even the most critical cases.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

It is the most advanced form of gum disease, as well as the most prevalent cause of tooth loss in America. Many people suffer from irritated gums, without realizing it may be a symptom of a progressing condition, inevitably leading to severe health complications.

Over time, plaque builds up along the teeth, calcifying tartar into calculus. The bacteria trapped near the gum line may lead to infection. Gums may turn red, experience swelling, and bleed during brushing. When these conditions are disregarded for excessive periods of time, deep pockets may form where more harmful debris may be collected.

In later stages, the gum line begins to recede, and the acidity from the bacteria trapped next to your teeth may deteriorate the supporting bone structure. Only by eliminating the contamination can gums begin to heal accordingly.


Depending on your situation, there are several levels of treatment available that can help to restore healthy gums.

Professional cleaning
Scaling and root planning
Surgical removal of plaque
Laser gum surgery

Whenever possible, we use the LANAP® laser dentistry method of treatment, the only device certified by the FDA. It is proven to be an effective treatment against periodontal disease. It is safe, often eliminating the need for traditional, invasive surgeries.

To find out more about how we can help you with your condition, contact our office at (860) 443-2428 to make an appointment with Dr. Toback.