Published: 2015-08-20

The back to school season may produce excessive excitement, as well as anxiety. Children, with crooked teeth in particular, may feel self-conscious about their appearance and dread the beginning of the school year. Summer is a good time to acquire braces for New London, CT children because patients can adjust to wearing them before the school year begins. While braces are very valuable, some children have advanced orthodontic concerns that may not be so easily corrected. Here at Shoreline Periodontics, Dr. Gregory Toback and Dr. Marianne Urbanski can assist patients in accessing innovative solutions. Today, it is possible to straighten teeth with the help of a simple surgical procedure. We can help patients get started.

The Wilckodontics Procedure

Today, there is a new way to accelerate the alignment process and to ensure more ideal outcomes simultaneously. The Wilckodontics Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) procedure is a dramatic leap forward in the targeted treatment of pronounced orthodontic concerns. Although our clinic does not perform the AOO procedure, we are able to capture the x-ray images required for AOO treatment. Our patients can rely on us to assist them in pursuing this valuable form of treatment.

The AOO procedure involves the surgical incorporation of changes to the bone structure, surrounding affected teeth. By subtly altering the bone, tooth repositioning can be accomplished in much less time than with the use of traditional alignment devices alone.

Advantages Offered by Wilckodontics

There are several important advantages associated with the Wilckodontics AOO technique. For instance:

  • Adult and pediatric patients can qualify for AOO treatment
  • Pronounced misalignment and associated orthodontic concerns can be treated effectively
  • Braces and other aligners complete their work in less time
  • AOO helps prevent root resorption and decreases the chance of relapse
  • Enhanced gum and bone support for treated teeth

We Can Help You Receive AOO Treatment

Wilckodontics begins with the evaluation of detailed x-ray images. Our clinic is pleased to provide our patients the support they require, when pursuing AOO treatment. To schedule an appointment with Drs. Toback or Urbanski, please call (860) 443-2428.

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