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Dental Implants for the New Year

Your New Year’s resolution should be a perfect smile. With advanced periodontics and dental implants you can fill the gap in your teeth as easily as you can fulfill your New Year’s promises. You may have lost teeth due to decay or impact trauma, but whether the teeth fell out naturally or were extracted, you still need to take active steps to prevent the damage missing teeth cause to your body and mouth.

How Can Missing Teeth Still Cause Damage?

It can be easy to think that with your missing teeth extracted, you’re free from all concerns. Yet even in the absence of pain, missing teeth can mean more problems than just unsightly gaps. Without the protection of your teeth in place, you can actually suffer many other issues:

  • Loss of bone density and integrity in the jawbone
  • Lacerations and potential infections caused by sharp or rough food cutting gums
  • Migration in remaining teeth
  • Difficulty chewing


What Are The Options To Replace Missing Teeth?

Your best options to replacing your missing teeth are dental implants. That’s where a periodontist comes in. A periodontist can assess the health of the structures surrounding your teeth, from your jaw bone to your gums and intact teeth. Using this assessment, your oral care professional can make a determination about the best option for implants replacing one or more teeth.

How Do Dental Implants Help?

The benefits of dental implants are more than just cosmetic. While you’ll love your new, brighter smile, you’ll also have less difficulty biting and chewing food. Implants can prevent further jawbone degradation and ensure the alignment and positioning of remaining natural teeth. With your gums protected and firmly integrated with your new implants, you can avoid gum infections and long-term gum disease.

For more information on your options for implants, get in touch with our dental specialists at Shoreline Periodontics in New London, CT. Dr. Toback will be happy to speak with you regarding a consultation, and improving your oral health.