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Fight Back Against Gum Disease With LANAP Treatment

If you’re living with gum disease symptoms, you might not realize the level of risk you’re taking on every single day. Diseases of the gums progress slowly, and it can be easy to live with one in its early stages without realizing it. As the symptoms progress, many people do not realize that they have moved from being at risk for gum diseases to experiencing them. Actively maintaining your oral health with the help of dental professionals means getting the feedback you need to decide when to address symptoms. When your symptoms have progressed into a gum problem, those same professionals are the ones who can give you options like LANAP that will let you fully recover your oral health.

What is LANAP?

This minimally invasive treatment cleans infected tissue away while preserving the healthy tissue you need to regenerate your gums. It’s designed to treat disease that has progressed to the point where gum recession is a real concern, and it can be paired with regenerative treatments designed to stimulate the growth of healthy tissue in those who have only mild recession.

Why Get Treatment Early?

The sooner you treat the symptoms of gum disease, the less likely you are to experience serious long-term consequences that include:

  • – Tooth loss
  • – Permanent gum tissue loss
  • – Jawbone loss
  • – Possible cardiovascular effects
  • – Permanent changes to your smile


Treatments, including LANAP, are designed to prevent the progression of the disease toward these more extreme outcomes. To get the most out of them, though, you need to have help understanding when it’s time for each treatment, and that means building a relationship with a professional who can help you in your fight.

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