Bone Grafting

Bone Loss And Bone Grafting

If you have missing teeth, it is likely that you will also have some degree of bone loss in the jaw. That is because natural tooth roots are intended to stimulate the jaw bone and prevent it from deteriorating. If they are gone, bone loss usually follows.

Dental implants have become a leading tooth replacement solution, but patients also need adequate bone density for them to work. Bone grafting in New London, CT with Dr. Gregory Toback and Dr. Marianne Urbanski is a way to address bone loss so that patients with missing teeth can get the strong, dependable, healthy looking smile they desire.

bone grafting

What to Expect when Having a Bone Grafting Procedure

As with other types of surgery, antibiotics are usually prescribed before and after the procedure. Any post-surgical discomfort can be relieved with pain medication and patients are advised to eat soft foods and liquids until the gums heal. Dental implants are usually placed within six to nine months after the bone graft.

If you have missing teeth and bone loss, dental implants may still be an option. Call Drs. Toback and Urbanski today to find out if bone grafting in New London, CT is right for you.

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