Published: 2019-07-11
Receding Gum Diagram

Once gum disease advances to periodontal disease, your gums are at a higher risk of suffering irreversible damage. It may be hard to notice for months or even years. But when you do notice your teeth look a bit longer than they used to, it’s not too late – but it’s well past time to take action at home and at the dentist’s office. Find out what you can do to preserve your gums and punch back at gum disease.

Where to Start

made a decision to tackle your receding gums. You know what’s at stake and you
want to get on top of this problem today by treating your gums at home.

a great attitude to have and there’s a lot you can do at home to combat gum
disease and slow the recession of your gums, but your first step should be
securing an appointment with a local dentist.

dentist will make a full assessment of that state of your teeth and gums to
ultimately make a game plan for you to follow at home.

you’ve set your appointment, you may be interested in trying home remedies to
promote gum health while you wait to see the dentist.

At the Dentist’s Office

a dentist’s office, especially one specializing in periodontics, which is the
treatment of gum disease, you’ll find a full spectrum of services that will
effectively halt the spread of gum disease and the gum recession it causes.

a look at a couple of the procedures you’ll find plotted along that spectrum of
gum disease treatments:

cleaning –
 this entails scaling
the sides of teeth roots to remove dental calculus from them and then “planing”
the surfaces of teeth roots so that your gums adhere to them uniformly.

gum surgery –
using focused laser light,
a dentist equipped with a laser based on the LANAP® protocol and
carefully remove diseased tissue to prevent gum disease from consuming even
more of your gums.

Getting Started Today

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