Free Dental Implant Seminar - September 1, 2016

Free Dental Implant Seminar From New London, Connecticut's Dental Implant Experts

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September 1, 2016

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Food & Drinks to be Provided

6:30 to 8:00 PM

Our New London Office

190 Hempstead Street

New London, CT 06320

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Sixty nine percent of adults between 35 and 44 years of age have lost one or more teeth


Eighty six percent of adults think an attractive smile makes a person of the opposite sex more appealing


Million people in the United States have lost all their teeth

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Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

Many periodontists recommend dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore the smile. A missing tooth may not seem problematic, but can have disastrous effects on your smile and jaw health in the long-term. When there is no tooth root stimulating the jaw bone, the bone in the area of tooth loss can start to deteriorate. Surrounding teeth may end up drifting into the open space left by a missing tooth, changing the way your teeth fit together. Placing a dental implant effectively rebuilds the smile and helps prevent jaw bone loss and other negative consequences.

Implant Seminar - Before Treatment - Anterior Dental Implant Implant Seminar - After Treatment - Anterior Dental Implant

Dr. Gregory Toback and Dr. Marianne Urbanski perform several types of dental implant procedures at Shoreline Periodontics PC. You may be a good candidate for:

  • A single tooth implant with a crown
  • An implant supported bridge for multiple missing teeth
  • Implant supported dentures for replacing all of the teeth
  • Sinus augmentation to make more bone available for implants
  • Ridge modification to correct bone deficits in the upper or lower jaw
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Donna Shares Her Teeth-in-a-Day™ Experience

In this video Donna expresses how happy she is with her new smile and the dental implant experience she had with Dr. Toback.

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Find Out if You're a Candidate for All-on-4® or Teeth-in-a-Day®

There are many people that are told every day that they do not qualify for dental implants due to bone loss or other related conditions. Due to our experience and technology 90% of those people are still candidates for this procedure.

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