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Laser Gum Surgery: How Lasers Can Help Your Smile
The oral health of a patient entails more than just their teeth's well-being. Gum quality is strengthened by a dentist's routine care , like Dr. Toback We use a variety of advanced dental tools and techniques at Shoreline Periodontics to maximize our patient’s oral health.Treatments like laser dentistry have a significantly positive impact on your overall oral health. What Is Laser Gum Surgery? Laser gum surgery uses a medical laser to accurately remove infected gum tissue and eradicates the harmful bacteria associated with advanced periodontal disease. Laser surgery has many benefits over conventional gum surgery methods. For instance, Dental lasers are highly accurate, thereby extracting only the damaged tissue while the healthy gum tissue remains untouched. Usually, the less invasive approach of laser gum surgery results in quicker healing time and more patient-friendly recovery. Laser gum treatment requires only minor bleeding. A laser-assisted treatment can be used in small spots of gum disease to prevent this potentially dangerous condition from progressing. Addressing early signs of gum disease is the most effective management technique, but in short, surgical treatment may restore gum health and function. Addressing Gum Disease is Important The body is subjected to severe infections by advanced periodontal disease. The pockets that develop in your gingiva consist of dangerous bacteria can potentially spread throughout the bloodstream. It creates a significant danger to people with heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions of medical health. Periodontal disease may also trigger tooth loss in its advanced stages. For more information If you're really concerned about the impact that gum disease has on your body, please make an appointment with us today by contacting our Westerly, Rhode Island or New London, Connecticut offices and speaking with Dr. Toback.