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Renew Your Smile This Spring with Dental Implants


As the season changes from winter to spring, renewal is in the air. This renewal inspires many to make changes in their own life, such as spring cleaning purchasing a whole new wardrobe. This spring, make a different kind of change: invest in dental implants and improve your smile.

When you are missing teeth, it is difficult to eat your favorite foods which can lead to feelings of embarrassment when you smile. Implants can make a big difference on your smile and your life as a whole.

The Problems of Missing Teeth

When you lose teeth due to accidents, injury, advanced gum disease, or tooth decay, then you are left with gaps in your bite. This makes it difficult to chew, especially tough and hard foods. This limits your diet, and you might find this even affects your social life. Difficulty eating certain foods might also increase your risk of certain nutritional deficiencies.

In addition to these problems, many people become embarrassed when they have missing teeth. This can impact your self-esteem and confidence, and you might stop smiling to hide your missing teeth. Luckily, there are ways to solve this issue, including getting dental implants.

The Benefits of Implants

Many of our patients choose implants thanks to their many benefits, including:

  • – Durability
  • – Natural appearance
  • – Enhanced self-esteem
  • – Similarity to natural teeth
  • – Ability to eat any foods
  • – Easy to maintain
  • – No speech impairments


Most implants can last for decades, especially if you maintain them. To do so, you just have to brush your teeth and floss regularly, as well as have regular check-ups and cleanings with your periodontist.

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