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The Impact Advanced Dental Technology Has On Your Treatment

dental imaging technology

As the years go on, technology gets better. Whether it be your home computer, or your cell phone – there is a clear difference through the years. It is the same for dental technology. Dental technology has had major increases as time passes by. From laser dental treatments for gum disease, and 3D imaging, prevention of poor oral care should be a piece of cake.

Our office is part of the technology wave, with all of the latest and greatest. Here are some technology advances you can find when you visit us.


This is one of the fastest orthodontic procedures. From overbites to crooked teeth, there is no time for you to feel self-conscious. This process also is quick, efficient, and does not create the discomfort traditional braces can. Wilckodontics involves altering bone structure for a faster and more efficient procedure. This treatment does require surgery prior to the braces.

Conebeam 3D CT

Our 3D scanning device allows us to get a 3-demensional photo of your facial structure, including your teeth, gums, bones, and nerves. This scanning device allows for a more accurate representation of the mouth, so we can appropriately assess a treatment plant that is best suited for your needs.


We offer sedation dentistry at our office because we know patients suffer from severe dental anxiety. If you are someone who would rather skip an appointment than get your teeth checked, contact our office so we can provide a safe solution for your needs. Sedation dentistry is a great method to provide our patients with a stress free treatment.

Contact our office for more information about our advanced technology. If you have any specific questions or would like to gain more knowledge about your upcoming visit, our team of specialists will be able to answer you and deliver any other details you may need.