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Treat Gum Disease Early to Preserve Your Smile

Many patients minimize the symptoms of gum disease they experience even when internally diagnosing their own wellness. It’s no wonder they often fail to realize how many serious symptoms they need to raise with a dental professional. If you experience gum tenderness and redness, bleeding, loosening teeth, or other oral pain that’s not explained by cavities, you should consult with a periodontist about whether you need specialized treatment to turn back the progress of gingivitis or other gum diseases. 

Periodontal Treatments Designed for Your Symptoms

Dr. Toback offers a variety of options for treatment, and each is designed to address a specific set of symptoms encountered at each stage of the disease’s progression. The goal is to arrest progress at whatever phase a patient is in when treatment starts, and then to work on turning back the clock as much as possible on the damage done so far. The sooner patients recognize symptoms of gum disease and seek help, the less damage there is to undo. Treatment options include:


Catch Gum Problems Early to Avoid Permanent Damage

For most patients, gingivitis is the first disease to develop after initial symptoms worsen, and periodontal disease only follows if it is left untreated for long enough to exacerbate. Patients who seek treatment during the gingivitis phase can generally undo all the damage done so far by the disease. For those who do not get into treatment until periodontal disease develops, a skilled periodontist may have restoration options available, but there is no reverting to the exact same smile you had before symptoms developed. The condition has simply progressed too far.

Don’t wait to act on symptoms of gum disease. Contact our office today and make an appointment for a consultation so you can take charge of your oral health. Our staff can help during regular business hours.