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Scalpel-Free Solution to Advanced Gum Disease

Advanced Periodontal Surgical Capabilities

When it comes to the health or aesthetics of your gums and teeth you can be assured that we retain the ability to provide you with all of the latest advancements in minimally invasive surgeries. Periodontal Surgery is what we do all day every day and is the center of our core competency. There are many aspects and variables to take into consideration when treating gum disease, gum recession, or bone loss. Our experience, training, and technology are just a few of the reasons we can provide you with beautiful long term results.

  • Navident technology

Osseous Surgery

Patients with gum disease may benefit from osseous surgery, otherwise known as flap surgery. This procedure decreases pocket depths and eradicates infected gum tissue. The treatment makes it easy to brush and floss the teeth in areas that were previously inaccessible and stops a periodontal infection in its tracks. Osseous surgery may be recommended in moderate to advanced cases of periodontal disease.

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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

With periodontal plastic surgery procedures, we can reshape gum and bone tissue to enhance and restore the appearance and function of the smile. Our doctors are trained to perform ridge augmentation, ridge preservation, gum grafts, and gingivectomies to rebuild and restore the smile.

Gum Grafting

If your gums have become damaged after gum disease or the gum line has worn away, you can undergo a gum graft to restore the tissue. We use special techniques to replace missing gum tissue and rebuild the smile. A gum graft may also be performed as part of the ridge augmentation or ridge preservation procedure.