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Charitable Giving that Goes for Gold

History of the Hearts of Gold Program

Founded on a deep passion to help others, whether to improve their oral health, or their lives, our team has always upheld a charitable spirit. In 2008, Dr. Gregory Toback’s desire to provide support to the local community at large led him to create the Hearts of Gold Program in New London County. Patients who receive a tooth extraction of their gold crowns at Shoreline Periodontics were given the option to donate to the program. Each year he would save all the gold crowns that were donated, match the monetary value of them, and donate to the local non-profit organization that supports families and individuals in need in New London County.

Starting in 2019, our Shoreline Periodontics team decided to join forces with the locally-based, non-profit organization, United Way of Southeastern Connecticut to invest in a vital network of local health and human services programs. We also decided to challenge the local dental community to donate their gold crowns to the program, as well as challenge the community at large to donate any old gold they no longer want or use. Our hope is to continue this program each year, reaching and exceeding our goals, and providing a lasting change to our New London County community.

Our Challenge & Our Pledge

We want any dental patient to be able to donate their gold crowns after receiving an extraction which is why we challenge our dental community to join us! The more dental practices spreading the word about this cause, the more convenient it is for patients to donate, and the more real change we’ll cause in our community. We’re so dedicated to this cause, our team at Shoreline Periodontics pledges to match $10,000 in gold donations annually. Each year we collect donations until February 14, at which point we match and donate the monetary value of it to United Way of Southeastern Connecticut and relaunch the challenge. Our goal is to donate a total of $20,000 in gold donations through the Hearts of Gold program and make a significant difference in our community.

The United Way of Southeastern Connecticut

Chances are many of your friends or family members have benefited from services offered by the United Way of Southeastern Connecticut or one of their partner programs. This non-profit organization fights for a safety net of global health and human services, to end hunger and food insecurity, and to provide employment training and education for those who are homeless in our area. Their mission is, “To inspire and coordinate the generosity and commitment that sustains a united, thriving community.” If you would like to learn more about this organization, please reach out to us or visit their website.

How You Can Help

You can donate to this cause in one of two ways: donating gold of any kind to Shoreline Periodontics or donating an extracted gold crown. Our compassionate periodontists, Drs. Gregory Toback and Marianne Urbanski strive to not only provide the support our community needs but the cutting-edge care our patients need as well. Using precise imaging for confident diagnostics and minimally invasive surgical techniques, they are the trusted authorities for tooth extractions in the New London County area. In fact, our team even offers the gold standard in tooth replacement solutions—dental implants—which can frequently be placed on the same day that a tooth is extracted. Whether due to oral trauma, advanced gum disease, or another reason, our team at Shoreline Periodontics can gently extract your tooth, replace it with a natural-looking dental implant, and donate to a remarkable cause. Receive life-changing care while changing other’s lives at the same time!

Ready to donate?

If you’re ready to join the challenge, submit the form below and someone from our office will reach out to you within 48 hours.