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The Top Four Reasons to Get Dental Implants

If you want to replace your missing teeth, then you are probably weighing the pros and cons of different treatment options. Shoreline Periodontics is one of the leading providers of permanent dental implants near Groton, CT. Here are a few reasons why we frequently recommend implants to our patients.

1. One or All

Whether you have lost a tooth or you need a full row replaced, dental implants can help. When replacing a single tooth, your periodontist will insert a titanium screw into your jaw and then attach a crown to the screw. The procedure is similar for multiple teeth, except that the implant screws provide a base for permanently fixed dentures.

2. They Are Not Going Anywhere

Once you get dental implants, they are there to stay. They will not shift around in your mouth as you speak or eat, so you can live your life without being distracted. Furthermore, you can clean implants while they are in your mouth, so you do not have to spend any part of your day without teeth. Best of all, patients who take care of their implants can often go the rest of their lives without needing to get them replaced.

3. They Improve Bone Structure

Titanium is frequently used for surgical implants because it fuses well with bone and tissue. The titanium screws of dental implants bolster the areas surrounding them, reducing bone loss and preventing future damage from occurring.

4. Get Your Smile Back Fast

While other tooth replacement procedures can take several months to complete, dental implant procedures can often be completed in just one day. After a few days of recovery, you can enjoy the function and confidence of a fully-stocked smile.

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