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Your First Periodontal Visit: What You Should Know

It can be intimidating to attend your first periodontal visit, especially if you already suffer from dental anxiety. However, there is nothing to worry about as long as you schedule your appointment with a compassionate and skilled periodontist. Drs. Gregory Toback and Marianne Urbanski are experienced in providing leading periodontal care, and they offer sedation dentistry to patients who need it. They also offer gentle periodontal procedures, including LANAP® laser gum disease treatment, to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. Here is what you can expect from your first periodontal visit.

Thorough Examination

Drs. Toback and Urbanski welcome new patients by getting to know them and learning about their oral histories. They also conduct thorough oral examinations to detect signs of periodontal disease and to check for bone loss, loose teeth and other oral issues. If you have been referred to a periodontist by your dentist, bring your x-rays and referral form to your first periodontal appointment, if possible.

Treatment Options

If periodontal disease, gum recession or other periodontal problems are diagnosed during the first visit, Drs. Toback and Urbanski will discuss treatment options with you. They will provide you with treatment recommendations and will make sure you understand all your options so you can make the best choice for your situation. Treatments may include:

  • – Laser gum disease treatment
  • – Chao® Pinhole Surgical Technique – gum recession treatment
  • – Bone grafting
  • – Gingivectomy
  • – Guided tissue regeneration
  • – Sinus augmentation


Drs. Toback and Urbanski offer both functional and aesthetic services to treat diseased or receded gum tissue and improve the overall health and appearance of your smile. Patients with dental anxiety frequently report that Drs. Toback and Urbanski know how to help them feel comfortable and calm in a treatment setting.

Schedule Your Appointment

The staff at Shoreline Periodontics & Dental Implants will do everything we can to ease your dental anxiety and help you have a positive periodontal visit. To schedule your appointment today, give us a call during regular business hours.