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Preserve Your Smile by Replacing Missing Teeth Quickly
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When you lose teeth due to a dental or periodontal problem, there are a lot of changes that start right away, even if you don’t notice them. That’s why you need to talk to your periodontist about replacing missing teeth as soon as you lose them. In most cases, if you lose them due to a procedure, the replacement process will be followed up with you as long as you’re responsive. When you lose teeth at home, though, it can be tempting to put off a conversation about dental implants due to cost or a heavy schedule. Here’s what happens when you do that.

Short-Term Changes from Missing Teeth

• Tenderness in the exposed gum
• Small shifts in tooth spacing and alignment
• Dietary restrictions based on the number and location of missing teeth
• Visible changes to your smile

As you wait to get a replacement in place, your existing teeth will continue to shift, which results in spacing changes and permanent changes to your smile over time. The longer you wait, the more changes there will be.

Long-Term Effects of Missing Teeth

It’s not just alignment and the shape of your smile that changes. If you wait too long to get dental implants, you will also find your gum tissue and jaw bone have themselves changed shape, and that lost tissue is gone forever. Grafts might reconstruct it, but you will never have exactly the same smile you did. That’s why it’s important to make planning for your dental implants a core part of your treatment whenever you lose teeth.

Make an Appointment with the Periodontist

If you’re in need of a replacement for missing teeth, now is the time to call for a consultation with Dr. Toback. Our staff at Shoreline Periodontics & Dental Implants in Westerly, RI and New London, CT is ready to help you during regular business hours. Call today and set the appointment that will help you keep the smile you were born with. We can also answer your questions about what to bring to your first appointment.