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Why Are Dental Implants Best for Teeth Replacements?
dental implants

Have you lost teeth recently? If so, you probably already know it’s important to choose your replacement option quickly if you want to avoid unintended side-effects from having gaps in your jawline. Considering the options used to require a bit more work, but today dental professionals are almost united in their recommendation of dental implants over the other options. Implants can even replace traditional dentures, either using implant support for a specialized permanent denture set or through mouth reconstruction using several arrangements of traditional implants.

Implants for Full Arch Replacement

Whether your treatment involves implant and denture combinations or other methods of replacing all the teeth in your jaw with implants depends largely on the professional who places them. Dr. Toback opts for implants supporting a denture arrangement at Shoreline Periodontal & Dental Implants because the process minimizes the impact of placement on patients while providing a stable anchor base for your new smile. The fit never changes because of the anchor support and the way implant anchors work to preserve jaw and gum tissue, and if the denturesare ever damaged, they can be replaced easily, usually using existing anchors.

Dental Implants Instead of Bridges

The biggest advantage implants have over bridgework is the same one they have overdentures. They’re permanent. They’re also strong, so patients with implants don’t have to adjust their dietary habits the way patients with bridges and denture options do. Implants stand up to even the toughest foods. They also look great, providing you with a more natural smile. In short, dental implants give you:

  • A brighter smile
  • Stronger and more durable oral reconstruction
  • The feeling of having fully functional and natural looking teeth

Final Thoughts

If you are healthy enough for implants, there aren’t very many good reasons to opt for the other solutions, because any up-front savings are usually absorbed when the time comes for replacement or refitting. Contact our team today to get set up with a consultation and learn more about implants when you see Dr. Toback.

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