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What You Should Expect with Teeth-in-a-Day™

You are probably familiar with dental implants as an option to restore a lost tooth or several missing teeth. Implant dentistry has been around for years, and can be an excellent solution for patients who want a more natural appearance and better function. Dr. Gregory Toback can perform one of the latest surgeries available, Teeth-in-a-Day™. This procedure may be a good choice for people who would like fast results and the convenience of fewer office visits.

Is it for everybody?

Most patients can be evaluated for Teeth-in-a-Day™, but not every technique is a good fit for each person. If you have significant jawbone loss, you may require bone grafting before an implant can be inserted. Some patients may also have receding gums or other issues that can pose a challenge. Dr. Toback evaluates each patient’s need to determine the best course of treatment.

How does it work?

At your appointment, you will receive diagnostic screenings, including digital x-rays, a 3-D CAT scan, and other high resolution imagery to properly access your needs. You will also have impressions made before treatment begins.

If Teeth-in-a-Day™ is an appropriate option, you may undergo surgery at your evaluation. At that time, your tooth is extracted, and the dental implant is inserted in your jawbone. If any addition bone grafting is required, you may also undergo that procedure while sedated.  A temporary tooth is secured, and you can wake up to a beautiful smile. You may have more than one implant during your procedure if needed.

Is it Really That Easy?

 It is possible that with only one appointment, you can have dental implants in Westerly, RI. You should expect mild discomfort after your procedure which may improve after a few days. We recommend that you stick to soft, easy to chew foods for the first few weeks to allow your jaw to heal. After about three months, you may be ready for your permanent crowns, which will look even better than your temporary ones.

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